After a socially distanced 2020, Biza Cocktails are launching through DTC and multi-state distribution.

Biza makes cocktails with creative flavor combinations and packaging design. Flavors include pomegranate vanilla, passion fruit peach, coconut pineapple, and mango pineapple.

“We took special care when developing Biza to not only be attractive to our consumers, but also stand out on the shelf,” said Laura Murray, co-founder and head of marketing for the new company.

This lightly sparkling island cocktail is made with real vodka at 6% ABV, is gluten free and low calorie.

How Covid Affects Product Launches

Biza launched a new premium cocktail brand in a can amidst covid lockdowns and drastically reduced on premise consumption. The brand’s initial launch strategy was to begin with a balanced on- and off-premise presence, then ultimately sell online. “We had to radjust to the new reality of bars and restaurants being closed due to Covid lockdown,” Biza told Hard Seltzer News.

It was glaringly evident, however, that with more people socializing at thome, consumer behavior was rapidly shifting to an online purhcasing preference. Biza had to pivot its go-to-market (GTM) strategy to focus on off-premise channels, and speed up the development of e-commerce capabilities.

Direct-To-Consumer Becoming Compulsory

Biza will be available for purchase on its website by end of January, according to representatives. Initial availability will include shipping to over 20 states, with expectations that DTC market share is with us for the long haul. “It is our believe that the shift of increased online buying by the consumer will be with us for quite some time and we will remain committed to providing a quality online purchase experience,” the company said in an email.

Coca-Cola launched a new DTC site, Your Coca-Cola, in the UK recently, and shipping regulations in the US could soon make it easier to ship alcoholic beverages across state lines. Constellation Brands, makers of Corona Hard Seltzer and a variety of wines, recently launched several new DTC sites, with increased investments in DTC seen having a direct correlation with success of premium lines.

Where can I find Biza?

Biza’s three flavors are currently available in NY and NJ at select off-premise accounts. Florida consumers will find Biza at retail outlets by end of January.

Products will be sold online at and a waiting list is currently available.

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