hard seltzer and RTD acquisition activity

Expect Hard Seltzer Startup Acquisition Activity in 2021

Acquiring a successful start-up brand is a good way to quickly garner market share while establishing legitimacy in a new segment. 
Corona limonada

Breaking News: Corona Limonada Hard Seltzer on Tap for Summer

Constellation announced that it is bringing a new hard seltzer to US markets; Corona Limonada will hit store shelves this June.  Hard Seltzer News obtained early images of a 12-count mixed pack.
Corona hard seltzer FaZe

Corona Hard Seltzer Partners with FaZe

Corona Hard Seltzer has partnered with FaZe Clan to become the official hard seltzer of the prominent eSports organization.
Ranch Water hard seltzer

What is Ranch Water?

A hip new cocktail is taking the hard seltzer world by storm. A West Texas delicacy that’s actually a century old, Ranch Water is shaping up to be the coolest drink of summer 2021.
Corona Hard Seltzer

Corona Hard Seltzer Helps Constellation Beat Wall Street Estimates

Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) reported fourth quarter earnings Thursday that exceeded financial analysts' expectations.
Bud Light Seltzer Canada cans

Canada Finally Gets Bud Light Seltzer

Bud Light Seltzer is finally hitting Canadian shelves. After just over a year on the US market and thousands of social media requests, the...
Corona Hard Seltzer Fuel

Investors Await Corona Hard Seltzer Performance Announcement

Come tomorrow all eyes will be on Constellation Brands’ current MVP, Corona Hard Seltzer, as investors hope to see the company beat Q4 projections with the help of the seltzer line’s growing popularity in the US. 
Let's White Claw campaign

White Claw Goes Global with Storytelling Campaign

White Claw, the OG hard seltzer that defined a segment, has launched its first global, storytelling campaign.
Cacti hard seltzer 9 pack

CACTI Hard Seltzer is Immediate Thorn in Side of White Claw, Truly

The tequila-inspired beverage has quickly become a worthy adversary in the hard seltzer market.
Buenavida hard seltzer

Stone to Launch Buenavida Seltzer in Bottles

Breaking from hard seltzer trends, Buenavida will be packaged in 12 oz. glass bottles instead of the iconic skinny can.

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