Hard Seltzer Boosted by Online Sales

Online hard seltzer sales are on the rise, and in an exclusive interview with Hard Seltzer News, Sara Hillstrom, head of Category Development at Anheuser-Busch, shared data about emerging trends in hard seltzer e-commerce. 

Hard Seltzer’s Rise Brought on by Craft Beer Chasing Rainbows

Not that long ago, craft beers were the darlings of the alcoholic beverage industry. Hip microbreweries popped up all over the country, and their...

Hard Seltzer Prices Propped Up by Premium Positioning

As more brands enter the category and release their own variations, we’re seeing all kinds of exciting new options emerge, including so-called premium hard seltzers.

Hard Seltzer Brands Market to All Genders

Part of the reason for spiked seltzer’s remarkable rise in popularity is its mass appeal.

Why Doesn’t Alcohol Show Nutrition Facts?

The hard seltzer category has been on fire lately. Sales increased well over 200 percent in 2019 alone (for more than $1.5 billion in...

We Answer Hard Questions About Hard Seltzer!

Frequently Asked Questions Is hard seltzer the same as beer? Yes and no. Some hard seltzers are made with malt liquor, which makes them, like beer,...

Did You Miss International Canned Cocktail Day?

If you’re not reading this today, September 10, the answer is yes. But that doesn’t mean you should skip these tasty offerings. Every year, it...

Lone River Beverage Company Built their Brand with Dedication to Storytelling

Lone River Beverage Company built their brand by weaving their Ranch Water hard seltzer into the story of the American West.

Katie Beal Brown Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Hard Seltzer News, Katie Beal Brown, founder and CEO of Lone River Beverage Company, revealed major secrets to success in the hard seltzer market — a rocking team and an emphasis on brand differentiation. 

Hard Seltzer Success Opens Doors to Other RTDs

Hard seltzer is having more than a moment. The rise of these effervescent, alcoholic drinks isn’t just a passing trend; the speed at which...

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