Call for New Hard Seltzer Brands & Varieties

Hard Seltzer News editors are working on a comprehensive new guide to 2021 hard seltzer brands and varieties.

Biza Sees a Bubbly 2021

After a socially distanced 2020, Biza Cocktails are launching through DTC and multi-state distribution. Biza makes cocktails with creative...

Interview with Our Cart’s Danny Rejzner, CEO and Founder, and Clayton Baum, Head of...

Hard Seltzer News recently interviewed the principals at Our Cart, and discussed ways for brands to combat the rapidly shrinking shelf space at retail.  This is that interview transcript.

Analyst Downgrades Truly Parent SAM Stock

Markets were surprised this morning by word that Cowen managing director Vivien Azer had downgraded guidance on Boston Beer Co. (NYSE: SAM).

Jim Beam Thinks You Need a Break from Beer

Are you bored with beer? Jim Beam is betting that you are in its new campaign promoting the classic Highball cocktail. The whiskey distiller is inviting consumers to banish their beer boredom by trying a refreshing Jim Beam Highball.

‘Merican Mule’s Road to Creating a True Bartender Quality RTD Experience

In an exclusive interview with Hard Seltzer News, Co-founder of Merican Mule, Dean Mahoney, spoke about the long road to developing bartender quality cocktails...

Delaware Craft Breweries Prohibited from Brewing Hard Seltzer

Although it may seem unusual, craft beer brewers in Delaware are currently prohibited by law from brewing hard seltzer in their facilities. Yet thanks...

Canned Cocktails Make the Perfect To-Go Compliant Beverage

The restaurant and bar industries have been hit particularly hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has dominated most of 2020. Given local safety guidelines...

Vizzy Raises Money for Bartenders with 2020 Song, Video

As a year like no other comes to an end, Vizzy Hard Seltzer is marking the occasion in a unique way - and helping...

Tenth Ward Launches Unique Canned Cocktails

Tenth Ward Distillery, known for its untraditional spirits, recently launched a line of ready-to-drink cocktails that include unique ingredients of real absinthe,...

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