Pennsylvania Legislation Could Guide States in Laws about Canned Cocktails

The Pennsylvania Senate has passed HB 1154, which expands the carry-out sales of ready-to-drink cocktails by bars and restaurants in the state.

Update: On-Premise Demand Happening Faster than Expected

Thanks to the recent re-openings of many cities and states, bars and restaurants are finally able to serve consumers at full capacity.

Harrod’s Places Hard Seltzer on Store Menu

Harrods, the largest and probably most famous department store in all of Europe, will sell hard seltzer. It's iconic Food Hall has added the drink to its offerings, a result of a partnership with Lilo beverages in London.

Hard Seltzer Brands Scramble to Fill On-Premise Pipeline

As bars and restaurants are permitted to re-open and return to capacity, what will the supply chain look like?

Illinois Extends To-Go Cocktails While Offering Shots for a Shot

Illinois extended its cocktail to-go law, allowing bars and restaurants to sell alcohol to-go for another three years. The law, which was created to help hospitality businesses struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, will now remain in effect until at least January 3, 2024.
white claw on united flights

United Airlines Moves Forward with White Claw on Domestic Flights

United Airlines launched service of White Claw hard seltzer on Tuesday, right on schedule.

Sonic Releases Hard Seltzer Broadly — Except at their Restaurants

Sonic Drive-In restaurants will not sell hard seltzer, in spite of releasing the branded beverage alcohol on May 18 at retail outlets. Initial distribution is limited to certain Oklahoma retailers, including Casey’s, Costco, Home­land, Rea­sor’s, Sprout’s, Tar­get, Wal­mart, and Whole Foods.
Lunar hard seltzer

Lunar is Asian Americana in a Can

Lunar hard seltzer is the first hard seltzer to use MSG, but its connections with Asian American culture runs much deeper. Founded in New York City by Sean Ro and Kevin Wong, Lunar is a brand born during the pandemic and rapidly gaining national attention.
White Claw hard seltzer on United Airlines

United Airlines Adds White Claw

In more news that life is getting back to normal, United Airlines added White Claw hard seltzer to its inflight menu of drink options. The announcement came with the resumption of inflight service by most major airlines by June 1.
Heineken has multiple new hard seltzers

Heineken Brings Hard Seltzer to NFL Fans

Heineken USA just announced a major new partnership - it became the new import beer and hard seltzer partner of the Miami Dolphins. The company has several options for hard seltzer at Hard Rock Stadium.

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