Pepsi Readies Rockstar for Hard Debut

PepsiCo recently filed for trademark protection with intent to sell alcohol under the “Rockstar” brand.  It is looking more likely that Pepsi will soon follow Coca-Cola into the hard seltzer space. 

Orange is the New Black Cherry

This season, as far as hard seltzer is concerned, Orange is the new Black Cherry.

Constellation Stock Drops on Judge Ruling about Corona Hard Seltzer

A federal judge yesterday ruled that the lawsuit can continue, saying that Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) had failed to prove that it is entitled to sell hard seltzer in the US under the brand Corona.

Update: On-Premise Demand Happening Faster than Expected

Thanks to the recent re-openings of many cities and states, bars and restaurants are finally able to serve consumers at full capacity.
6 Top Brands of Hard seltzer

Best Hard Seltzers of 2021: Reviews Have Spoken

Everyone has an opinion on hard seltzer these days, including consumer sites that cover food and pop culture. With the (third annual) Summer of...
Four flavors of Truly hard punch in cans

Truly Punch Helps Boost Boston Beer’s Share of Hard Seltzer Market

Truly Punch’s impressive debut has bolstered the hard seltzer brand’s sales numbers and paved the way for an equally impressive stock market performance from parent company, Boston Beer (SAM).
Carbon dioxide makes drinks sparkling

Molson Coors Recycles Bubbles For Your Seltzer

As part of a commitment to sustainability, Molson Coors is recycling its carbon dioxide from brewing, and reusing it to create the beloved bubbly goodness consumers have come to expect from the alcohol behemoth’s growing line of hard seltzers.

Breaking: Hints of Fall Flavors from Bud Light Seltzer

On the cusp of a hot hard seltzer summer, Bud Light Seltzer is hinting at its autumnal offerings for 2021. Fall flavors to look forward to could include Pumpkin Spice, Toasted Marshmallow, and Maple Pear. 

Coors Light Orange Cream Pop Seltzer Becomes Reality

Coors Seltzer wants you to “enjoy a #creampopsummer.” The brand has launched a nostalgic new Orange Cream Pop flavored hard seltzer just in time for this summer’s record-breaking temperatures.

Hard Seltzer Brands Scramble to Fill On-Premise Pipeline

As bars and restaurants are permitted to re-open and return to capacity, what will the supply chain look like?

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