Boston Beer Profits Up 80%? Truly.

Dave Burwick, president and CEO, noted "The growth of the Truly brand, led by Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer, continues to be very strong and we expect the Truly brand to continue to lead the growth of the business into 2021.”

Whole Foods Loves Hard Kombucha

As better-for-you yet still hard options are growing in popularity, the grocery chain predicts that hard kombucha will be the next bubbly booze to have a big moment.

Ron Alvarado of Ficks Beverage Company – Interview Transcript

In a recent interview with Hard Seltzer News, Ficks co-founder Ron Alvarado talked about the company's origins, transitioning to an alcohol product, fermenting tips, and more.

Ficks Turns Oranges into Alcohol

When San Francisco-based Ficks Beverage Company began the transition from non-alcoholic cocktail mixers to hard seltzer, Ron Alvarado and his co-founder, Mike Williamson, had an important decision to make: Just how were they going to craft their product? 

Hard Seltzer C-Store Sales Up 190% in Q3

The latest Goldman Sachs retailer survey indicates continued meteoric rise in hard seltzer sales at convenience stores.

Rogue Wows with Whiskey Mule Sparkling RTD

“It took us about a year to get it right and we’re proud and excited to finally introduce our Whiskey Lemon Ginger Mule." - Steven Garrett, VP of Business Development

Bold Rock on Building a Seltzer Following

Brian Shanks, Bold Rock founder and head cidermaker, spoke to Hard Seltzer News in an exclusive interview about the company’s plan for hard seltzer and RTD distribution. 

Martinis in a Can are Shaken, Not Stirred

International spirits company Diageo is adding two new ready-to-drink (RTD) brands to its rapidly rising lineup of canned cocktails.

On the Rocks Acquisition Gives Beam Instant Foothold in RTDs

“On the Rocks is the pioneer in the premium pre-mixed cocktails category, and joining forces couldn’t come at a better time,” said Albert Baladi, president and CEO of Beam Suntory.

Brian Shanks of Bold Rock Talks Openly about Joining Artisanal Brewing Ventures

In an exclusive interview with Hard Seltzer News, Brian Shanks, co-founder of Bold Rock Beverages, disclosed advantages of their joining Artisanal Brewing Ventures.  This is the transcript of the full interview.  Enjoy!

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