Next Century Spirits Acquires Minority Stake of VIDE, A Look Into The Story Behind...

In 2018, a vision emerged in a Long Island kitchen that would soon revolutionize a virtually non-existent category: spirit-based RTDs. Ryan Laverty and Sal...

Passion Tree Targets Health-Conscious Consumers with Mini Hard Seltzer in New Flavors

Passion Tree, the eco-friendly hard seltzer company from Southern California, introduces Passion Tree Minis, the first-ever mini hard seltzer.

Hard Seltzer Leads Consumers to Find the Flavor

At the Molson Coors Beverage Company (NYSE: TAP) earnings conference call last week, CEO Gavin Hattersley responded to questions from the financial community about the growth of various categories at the beverage alcohol giant. 

Oregon Fruit Products Introduces Concentrates for the Fermentation Market

Oregon Fruit Aseptic Concentrates meet consumer demand for beverage diversity and fruited ciders, along with beverage makers’ desire for ease of use and more...

Passion Tree Hard Seltzer Pledges Environmental Sustainability

For every case of Passion Tree Hard Seltzer sold, a tree is planted Passion Tree, the eco-conscious hard seltzer brand, has emerged as a leader...

Hard Seltzers: Boom or Bust?

Hard seltzer is a ready-to-drink beverage that blends carbonated water, alcohol, and fruit flavoring in a can for portability. The absolute explosion in interest...

Wine Country Network Launches 3rd Annual Canned Challenge Competition

BROOMFIELD, Colorado, August 23, 2022 -- Wine Country Network, Inc., publisher of Wine Country International® Magazine and producer of numerous highly respected professional beverage...
Norwhey hard seltzer

Tell Me Whey: Dairy Hard Seltzer Developed by Cornell Scientist

Norwhey, a Nordic-inspired hard seltzer made from a byproduct of yogurt, is “light, tart, with a little bit of fruitiness,” according to inventor Sam...

CACTI Hard Seltzer Becomes Overnight Collectible

Earlier this year, when the beverage first sold out, opportunists took to eBay and similar sites to list their cans for upwards of $70.

High Noon Named Beverage Brand of the Year at 2021 Wine Star Awards

The brand quickly set itself apart from other products in the crowded hard seltzer space with its use of real spirits and real juice.

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