Compartés chocolatier in Los Angeles, famous for custom chocolates and corporate gifts, has teamed up with Truly to deliver hard seltzer chocolates this holiday season.

Created by Jonathan “Chocolate Boy” Grahm, Forbes 30 under 30, Food & Wine, in 2012, Compartés has made chocolates for brands like Facebook, Gucci, Infiniti and the Discovery Channel. A recent collaboration with Siete Dip Chips resulted in an Avocado Chocolate Bar.

This latest creation combines the Truly mixed berry pack with chocolate for five delicious truffles in a gift box for $19.95.

You can order directly from the website using this link:

Grahm advises that the truffles be eaten right away! “To ensure optimum freshness and taste, please consume our truffles within 10 days of receipt of a box.”

Caroline Hill