Should you avoid alcohol if you get the COVID-19 vaccine? Neither Pfizer and Moderna have warned about alcohol consumption if receiving their versions of the coronavirus vaccine.

As previously reported, the alcoholic beverage industry has been watching closely, after a false or misleading report by Reuters about the vaccine called Sputnik 5, being administered in Russia.

But neither Pfizer nor Moderna have come forward so far with any particular warning about consuming spirits, beer, wine, or hard seltzer while undergoing treatment.

Moderna Vaccine

The FDA’s fact sheet about the Moderna vaccine was recently published, just as shipments began. Moderna’s vaccine is famous for less stringent requirements around maintaining low temperatures during shipping. The only contraindication listed on that fact sheet is severe allergy to any of the components of the vaccine itself, no mention of interaction with alchohol.

Allergic Reactions

The CDC carries specific warnings about patients with known severe allergic reactions to the components of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Listed as a contraindication, or condition that would prevent a patient from being eligible, these allergies would rule someone out from receiving the vaccine.

“There is no indication that moderate consumption of alcohol will affect the protection your body develops after getting an immunization,” said Joseph Wendelken, media contact at the Rhode Island Department of Health, in response to the Russian rumors.

Aiden Gentson