Vizzy Comes Out for Human Rights Campaign

Vizzy celebrated National Coming Out Day in a big way this year; the hard seltzer company announced a $1 million commitment to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the country’s largest organization dedicated to LGBTQ civil rights.

Podcast: Bold Rock Co-Founder Brian Shanks on their Cleaner Hard Seltzer

This past week, Hard Seltzer News Podcast was joined by Brian Shanks, Co-Founder of Bold Rock. Listen now to learn how this successful...

RTD, Seltzer Startups are Ripe for Acquisition

For startup companies looking to cash out quickly, this race between large beverage companies to acquire RTD market share is creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Hard Seltzer Appeals to Today’s Moms

In an interview with Hard Seltzer News, Amy Walberg touched on a crucial point when it comes to uncovering why hard seltzers are successful with moms, specifically. 

Hard Seltzer Boosted by Online Sales

Online hard seltzer sales are on the rise, and in an exclusive interview with Hard Seltzer News, Sara Hillstrom, head of Category Development at Anheuser-Busch, shared data about emerging trends in hard seltzer e-commerce. 

Molson Coors to Expand Ft Worth Brewery for Hard Seltzer

"Plan requires us to drive beyond the beer aisle."

Hard Seltzer Prices Propped Up by Premium Positioning

As more brands enter the category and release their own variations, we’re seeing all kinds of exciting new options emerge, including so-called premium hard seltzers.

Podcast: Volley Tequila Seltzer Leaders Explain Why a Brand Has to be More than...

This past week, Hard Seltzer News Podcast was joined by Camila Soriano, Co-Founder and Diane Svehlak, Executive Vice President, of Volley tequila seltzer. Listen to...

Podcast: Sara Hillstrom of Anheuser-Busch with Thoughts on Gaining Shelf Space for Hard Seltzer

"I like solving hard business problems and driving profitable growth." This past week, Hard Seltzer News Podcast was joined by Sara Hillstrom, Senior Director of...

Will Stone Brewing’s New CEO Push for Hard Seltzer?

Stone Brewing Company is entering a new chapter. Starting on Monday, Sept. 14, the San Diego based brewery will have a new CEO when...

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