Bud Light Seltzer Canada cans
Bud Light Seltzer in Canada is packaged in standard, not slim, cans.

Bud Light Seltzer is finally hitting Canadian shelves. After just over a year on the US market and thousands of social media requests, the hard seltzer brand will be available nationwide in Canada starting April 9, 2021.

Bud Light has even enlisted the help of a new mascot to create consumer buzz around the launch. A life-size can of Bud Light Seltzer, aptly named Seltzy, traveled from the US and arrived in Canada two weeks ago. Seltzy has been “quarantining” in a glass room on top of the The Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s building in downtown Toronto in anticipation of Friday’s launch. 

“We’re incredibly excited about the arrival of Bud Light Seltzer in Canada, especially after receiving so much consumer interest.  In response, we created Seltzy as a really engaging way to introduce the newest hard seltzer to Canadian consumers,” Bud Light’s Senior Director of Marketing, Mike D’Agostini states regarding the black cherry flavored spokescan.

“Having Seltzy quarantine and keep themselves entertained during that 14-day period felt like a really relatable way for Canadians to get to know the newest member of the Bud Light fam.”

For folks unable to view the can’s 14 day quarantine in person, Seltzy has been chronicling their quarantine activities via the social media handle @budlightliving. The giant can of hard seltzer has been finding ways to occupy their time like working out, writing poetry, practicing viral dance trends, and having an at-home spa day which they captioned “seltz-care.” Seltzy even hosted an evening of virtual trivia. 

It seems like Seltzy has been enjoying their time in quarantine. However, in a recent interview they excitedly talked about the first thing they planned to do after their time in quarantine ends,

“First things first, I’ll grab some fresh Bud Light Seltzers. My quarantine spot is literally on top of an LCBO so that’ll be no prob. Next. If it’s a beauty day, I want to feel some sun on my can, so I’ll check out the closest open patio and support local.”

Bud Light Seltzer will be available to Canadians in Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Mango and Strawberry flavors. A 355mL serving contains 1 gram of sugar, 80 calories, and natural flavors, making it a healthier option and one that fits easily with many of today’s most popular health and lifestyle trends.  

Product will be sold in standard shaped cans, rather than the slim cans in markets to the south.

Bud Light Seltzer exploded onto the US market in early 2020 after an aggressive ad campaign by Anheuser-Busch that ran in coordination with some of the biggest NFL games of the season including the Super Bowl.

Just a month after it’s US launch, Nielsen reported that Bud Light Seltzer was the third most popular hard seltzer on the market, with Truly taking second place and White Claw coming in at #1.

The brand has successfully launched five seltzer products in the US market including Bud Light Seltzer, Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade, Bud Light Platinum Seltzer, Bud Light Seltzer Iced Team and Bud Light Seltzer Out of Office.

Bud Light and Seltzy hope the hard seltzer will see similar popularity in the Canadian market.

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