Scottish distiller Brewdog has entered the hip hard seltzer space with their new ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail, Clean and Press.

At 90 calories per serving and five percent alcohol, Clean and Press is made with Brewdog’s own Rogue Wave Vodka. It’s available in three flavors: Cactus and Lime, Crushed Black Cherry, and White Peach and Mango.

Almost apologetically, Brewdog states on their website that the development of a hard seltzer, a first departure from craft beer or spirits, is “…a collaborative co-creation forged in the fire of adversity.”

Co-founder James Watt says that their clean craft brewing process inspired the new seltzer’s name. “Rather than being fermented like other seltzers, our Clean and Press hard seltzer is quite simply sparkling Scottish water spiked with our exceptional single malt vodka, Rogue Wave. With Clean and Press we’re continuing to be uncompromising on flavour and quality, ideal for people wanting a lighter drink that still delivers attitude.”

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