The Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAs) are returning – and expanding – for 2021. In addition to adding global categories, the CBMAs will now include hard seltzer brands, in addition to craft beer and cider.

Entries for the 2021 CBMAs are now open, with the initial early bird period closing on November 7. The regular entry period will close for good on January 29, 2021. Registration fees are $125 for early birds and then increase to $175, and discounts may be available for 10 or more entries.

The judging period will occur from February 8 through March 6 of 2021, and winners will be announced on March 30 as part of San Diego’s Craft Brewers Conference. The ceremony will also be livestreamed.

Pandemic Marketing

The awards span over 30 categories celebrating the best marketing in beer, cider, and hard seltzer. New this year is a pandemic marketing category, recognizing superlative advertising during these unprecedented times. The inaugural award ceremony was held virtually due to Covid-19 related closures.

Other award categories include best logo, best label, and best tap handle. The CBMAs are meant to cover all aspects of marketing for beer, cider, and seltzer. A full list of categories for 2021 can be found here.

Platinum and Gold Crushies will be given in five different regions: the Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand), and the Middle East and Africa. Participants can also be considered at the global level for an extra entry fee, for which they will receive an Onyx Crushie.

Each region will have one platinum winner per category and up to five gold winners, yet this may be adjusted depending on the number of entrants. Indeed, opening up the awards to include hard seltzer will likely drive participation this year. As boozy bubbly water continues to rise in popularity, new hard seltzers are hitting the market regularly.

Esteemed Panel of Judges

“Breweries, their agencies, artists and marketing partners are invited to enter their top work,” according to the CBMA’s website. The organizers note that “all categories are judged by an influential and respected panel of beer, marketing, and design experts. The CBMA’s judging process is a robust, credible, and transparent digital scoring system.”

New for 2021, each judge will be assigned to review submissions from one of the five regions in the world.  A hand-selected subset of international judges will critique the global entries.  There are 147 judges, according to the award website:




Chad Adams Co-founder Instagram
Jen Adams Vice President of Marketing Website
Andrew Allen Director of Marketing Website
Scott Andrews Marketing Lead Website
Emma Atterbury Artist & Illustrator Website
Dustin Avilla Senior Graphic Designer Website
Davar Azarbeygui Creative Director Website
Jeremy Backer Creative Director Website
John Ball Principal, Creative Director Website
James Beaudrie President/Owner Website
Stefan Beaumont Cinematographer, Adventurer Website
Elizabeth Belange Promotions Director Website
Brian Berndt Art & Prepress Website
Kate Bernot Beer Reporter/Editor Website
Sarah Blaine Owner/ Growth Consultant Website
Trap Bob Visual Artist Instagram
Tom Bobak Founder, Editor-In-Chief Website
Warren Bondi Beer Marketeers, Co-Founder Website
Paolo Bouquin Market Dev Manager Instagram
David Bower President Website
Chet Brett Founder Website
Jeff Bricker Beverage–Master Magazine Website
Damian Brown Co-Founder & President Website
Mike Bruening Founder Website
Joanne Carilli Head of Business Development Website
Amber Carnegie Content & Campaign Strategist Website
Jim Caruso CEO & General Partner Website
Alexis Castellano Marketing & Creative Director Website
Tristan Chan Founder Website
Matt Cheuvront Proof Branding, Founder Website
Juno Choi Marketing Manager Website
Glenn Closson Founder Website
Meghan Connolly Haupt Marketing & Partnerships Website
Mikaelaa Crist Marketing/Social Media Manager Instagram
Samuel Cruz Co Owner/ CMO Website
Matt Czarnecki Manager of Logistics Website
Ray Daniels Founder & Director Website
Cameron Davis Marketing Director Website
Rob Day Sr. Director Of Marketing Website
Darryl de Necker Designer & Co-founder Website
Michael Del Rosso Owner/Stuff Maker Website
Martijn Dirkx Online Marketeer LinkedIn
Don Donaudy Partner-Creative Director Website
Mike Drumm Beer Attorney Website
Joelle Drummond Director of Sales & Marketing Website
Gregory Dunkling Director, Business Craft Beer Program Website
Kevin Dyer Owner & Creator Instagram
Oceania Eagan Founder, Creative Director Website
Joe Easton Beer Writer & Enthusiast Website
Matt Ebbing Founder & Chief Creative Website
Todd Edmonds Iron Design, Creative Director Website
Barry Elwonger Director of Sales and Marketing Website
Nick Fertig Co-Owner/Co-Founder Website
Matt Furman Photographer Website
Chris Furnari Founder / Consultant LinkedIn
Audra Gaizunas Owner Website
Ben Gerhards Marketing Coordinator Website
Nathan Goldman Creative Director Website
Ray Goodrich Marketing Director Website
Karl Grandin Founder & Artist Website
Heidi Guerra Marketing Manager Website
Chris Guest Managing Editor Website
Craig Gunderson Brewbastard, President Website
Dennis Guy Founder/CEO Website
Paige Guzman Chief Marketing Officer Website
Prabh Hans VP Business Dev & Strategy Website
Sarah Hedlund Creative Director Website
Mark Hegedus President, Magic Hat Brewing Website
Christian Helms Creative Director, Founder Website
Julia Herz CEO LinkedIn
Sarah Hoffman Brand & Marketing Manager Website
Chelsea Holifield SMGR Social Media Website
William Hoppe Marketing/Advertising Website
Tracey Ireland Marketing Director Website
Rob Johnson Senior Executive Manager Website
Ben Jones Director Website
Geo Jordan Founder/CEO Website
Richard Kelsey Director Website
Collin Kennedy Director of Marketing Website
Bernie Kilkelly Author, Publisher Website
Kenneth Konarzewski Founder Website
Dan Kopman Chief Executive Officer Website
Alexandrios Kouris Owner Website
Dan Kuhlken Creative Director Website
Steven Kwapil CEO Website
Dan LaBert Executive Director Website
Adam Lambert Founder Website
Zane Lamprey Beer Celebrity, Entrepreneur Website
Brett Langolf VP Client Services Website
Adam Levy Founder Website
Justin Longoz Creative Director Website
Ben Love Brewmaster Website
Kristina Martinez CEO & Founder Website
Matt Mastrud Artist/Designer Instagram
Jim McCune Executive Director Website
Lori Miller Craft Beer Sales Specialist Instagram
Gary Monterosso TV Personality, Author Instagram
Candace Moon Craft Beer Attorney Website
Shivani Mukerji Marketing Manager Instagram
Ryan Murphy Craft Beer Review, Owner Website
Sam Murray Website
Marty Nachel Beer Writer, Judge & Educator Website
Keith Neltner Owner & Creator Website
Craig Pace Beer Print Specialist Website
Michelle Pagano Gluten-free Advocate, Writer Instagram
Andor Palau Organic Growth Consultant Website
Megan Penman Creative Director Website
Scott Pflug Long Ireland Brewing, Sales Website
Russell Phillips Marketing, Author Website
Leah Pilcer-Pitman Director PR & Digital Website
Chris Pinkerton Illustrator, Designer Website
Mike Potter Black Brew Culture, Founder Website
Jon Racinskas Creative Director Website
Jason Randles Creative Director Website
Julie Rhodes Owner, Educator, Coach Website
Kirk Richardson Craft Beer Author Website
David Richter Malting & Brewing Expert Instagram
Jason C. Roberson Beer Branding, Designer Website
Jamie Robinson Founder & CEO Website
Dave Rohrer Principal Website
Esveydi Rossano Graphics/Prepress Specialist Instagram
Philip Rossillo President/Co-founder Website
Aaron Scamihorn Label Artist Website
Suzanne Schalow Co-Founder & CEO Website
Harry Schuhmacher Publisher & Owner Website
Cynthia Schultz Quality Consultant Website
John Schulz Photographer Website
Pete Shelly Copywriter Website
Harvey Shepard Brand & Marketing Manager Website
Tomas Sluiter Brewery Owner, Consultant Website
Rebekah Smith VP Marketing & Technology Website
Brittany Statt Marketing Director & Designer Website
Ralph Steadman Artist and Illustrator Website
Christa Taylor CMO Website
Carson Ting Partner & Creative Website
Andrew Tompkins Craft Beer Business Consultant Instagram
Lindsey Tweed Creative Director Website
Derya Unver Brewmaster Website
Charles Vallhonrat Executive Director Website
Kaitlyn Wagner Business Intelligence Manager Website
Tiffany Waldron Engagement Manager Website
Ronald Watt Founder/CEO Website
Steward West Creative Director Website
Ryan Wheaton Owner, Designer Website
Lance White FRW Studios, Partner Website
Aaron Williams Director of Marketing Website
Barb Wirth MarComm Website

Award Origins

The Crushie trophy was designed by the same firm that created the Emmy Award and the MTV Video Music Awards’ iconic Moon Man statue. The CBMAs say that the “Crushie award is sculptured to depict a heavily–tattooed arm crushing a beer can to symbolically represent how breweries are ‘crushing it’ with their unique and creative beer marketing and branding.”

They note that “individuals involved in the production and or creation of winning works can purchase their personalized trophies in our CBMA Award Shop that will launch right after the winners are announced. Winners will be notified by email of their win outside of the official ceremony, along with further instructions to order.”

The CBMAs are presented by Hillebrand, a keg logistics company based in Houston. You can watch the 2020 virtual ceremony here, or find a complete list of this year’s winners here.

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