With a range of devices, such as the ISI sodamaker, some consumers get crafty.

Want to get something for the hard seltzer fan who has everything? The iSi Sodamaker Classic allows consumers to carbonate tap water, which can then be added to spirits and flavoring. It’s available on Amazon for $79.49 and 10 chargers are $11.50. You’ll get one use from each charger when carbonating the 32oz chamber. Fans can experiment with their own version of Truly.

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The Sodamaker Classic is truly (no pun intended) a classic design. With a stainless steel mesh shroud with solid features and workmanship, this clever device can travel well but probably loves hanging out on a fancy bartop.

Here’s how the iSi Sodamaker Classic works:

Fill with cold water. Cold water does the best job of holding carbonation.

Load a cartridge and release the gas into the chamber. All it takes a turn of the handle.

Shake a few times to make sure no molecule goes untouched.

Squeeze the trigger.

There’s a little more to it, with parts like filler tubes, decorative caps, and more. But don’t let that intimidate you. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually very simple. And no plastic was harmed in the production of this soda.

Most producers of alcoholic beverages encourage consumers to experiment at home. Whether making wine at home or homebrewing craft beer, the professionals know that it only raises awareness. Their theory is you’ll soon be back for a consistent product that takes you down the emotional journey their brand devised.

But the iSi Sodamaker does make a great gift, and if you are a producer of a commercial beverage, maybe your home bar needs some experimentation hardware.

Caroline Hill