Studio Beverage Group has released a new, “uniquely refreshing” hard seltzer, Take Five. With an inviting lounge chair as its logo, the new hard seltzer encourages you to “live in the moment.”

The naturally flavored hard seltzer is available in four flavors: Cherry, Cranberry Raspberry, Lemon Lime, and Mango. Each can contains 100 calories, zero carbs, and five percent ABV. Take Five is made from a gluten-free alcohol base and comes in a variety 12 pack.

Studio Beverage Group bills itself as “the unparalleled end-to-end eCommerce enablement platform for adult beverages.” As a company, its mission is dedicated to “enabling online marketplaces to sell adult beverages.”

It aims to be a one stop shop for beverage businesses seeking industry partners. Studio Beverage Group’s portfolio includes wine, beer and cider, and spirits in addition to the new hard seltzer.

The group specializes in Napa Valley wines, but branched out after finding success. “Building on a successful history in Napa Valley, we’ve broadened our services to offer our partners high quality wines and an end-to-end platform that allows them to market, sell, and compliantly ship domestic and imported brands.”

“Our platform allows for maximum speed to market while mitigating upfront investment and regulatory risk for online marketplace partners. Additionally, using our proprietary analytics and extensive experience in the adult beverage marketplace, we create high quality adult beverages your customers will want to buy,” according to the website.

Standard Beverage Group also provides private label beer and cider to its customers. They haven’t hinted yet as to whether it will expand its hard seltzer offerings.

On Take Five’s website, fans can sign up to receive a notification when the boozy bubbly water is available in their area. Take Five will soon be available in New York City and state with California not far behind. It will be exclusively available via Beer World and

TapRM is “a platform that enables beer brands to reach their consumers whenever and wherever those consumers may enjoy,” with a mission “focused on democratizing the beer industry through distribution, e-commerce and technology.”

TapRM is a unique distributor in the New York area.  The company provides website hosting and an e-commerce platform, which allows for direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales for brands that need the heavy lifting.

As small beverage producers continue to move their sales online, platforms such as TapRM can help craft breweries reach larger markets.

Beer World offers customers its own unique drinking experience. A brick and mortar liquor store chain, Beer World locations contain beer on-tap. Legal-drinking-age (LDA) consumers are able to purchase growlers full of draft beer to enjoy at home.

The stores are committed to celebrating the culture of beer; its website even boasts a list of beer holidays. Upcoming holidays to celebrate with Beer World include Happy Hour Day on November 12th and National Lager Day on December 10th.

The calendar does not include a hard seltzer day, but hopefully Studio Beverage Group and Beer World can change that soon.

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