The organizers of Seltzerland announced their return to Tampa in the spring of 2021. Seltzerland is a “fetztival” featuring sampling of dozens of different hard seltzer brands, all while on a golf course. It occurs Saturday, March 27, at the Westchase Golf Club.

The event is a sequel to the October 2020 event which occurred with social distancing on the Westchase golf course. It allows participants to taste and evaluate hard seltzer from brands such as Cutwater, Social Club, White Claw, Itz Spritz, and Bud Light Seltzer, among others.

The March version will include the new Spik’d Hard Seltzer from Fort Myers Brewing Company, winner of Best Hard Seltzer at the last Seltzerland event in Tampa. “To be recognized among the top hard seltzer brands in the industry is an incredible achievement for our team,” said co-founder Rob Whyte.

Last year’s Tampa version of the fetztival drew approximately 900 participants in the peak of pandemic, all observing strict rules for social distancing and sanitation. Approximately 40,000 samples were served, according to the organizers. That’s over 44 samples per attendee, with Uber and Lyft drivers standing by.

Tickets to Tampa Seltzerland 2021 will soon go on sale and are available through the Seltzerland website.

Seltzerland has also announced events in Scottsdale, Arizona, on February 13, and Austin, Texas, on March 13.

Caroline Hill