The search for a great-tasting hard seltzer is no longer fruitless. ShadySide Beverages™, LLC is introducing SunSmash Fruited Hard Seltzer: a new line of hard seltzers bringing a smash of real fruit flavor to the category.

Unlike other seltzers on the market which offer little to no real fruit ingredients, SunSmash Fruited Hard Seltzer includes 25% real fruit juice. These new seltzers are lightly bubbled, leaving drinkers refreshed without the belly full of air that comes from overly carbonated seltzers.

SunSmash is a blend of carbonated water, alcohol from cane sugar, fruit juice concentrates, and natural flavors. Each can comes in at 150 calories, bridging the gap between tasteless hard seltzers and more indulgent high-calorie beverages.

“Sipping a hard seltzer shouldn’t feel like settling,” said Brooke Goodrich, Senior Brand Manager. “We crafted SunSmash to create a hard seltzer with fuller-bodied real fruit flavor, free of the artificially sweet taste that consumers have come to expect from some other seltzers on the market.”

SunSmash Fruited Hard Seltzer is available in four premium flavors:
– Black Currant, a fuller-bodied take on the classic black cherry flavor
– Prickly Pear Lime, adding an unexpected twist to a classic citrus
– Mango Peach, a bright and balanced blend of popular fruits
– Pineapple Passionfruit, offering a refreshing taste of the tropics year-round

The 12 oz. slim cans are available in two package sizes: a single-flavor six-pack retailing for $10.49 and a 12-count variety pack at $19.99 SRP. SunSmash Fruited Hard Seltzer is available now in select Washington retailers, including Total Wine & More, BevMo!, and select independent retailers, with expanded distribution to follow in the coming months.

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