2nd September 2021, Breda, Netherlands — In response to the latest wellness trends, O.J. Beer have expanded their offering by launching a new hard seltzer range, O.J. Hard, featuring four refreshing fruit flavours.

After a two-year extensive research and development phase, the award-winning O.J. Fruit Beer was developed. With this gained knowledge, the team at Liquor Zaar, the company behind the O.J. Beer brand, had insight into the most sought-after flavours in an alcoholic beverage.

The O.J. Hard flavour range will include mango, raspberry, lime and cherry. Each flavour is gluten free, with 5% ABV and just 99 calories and 0g of carbs per 330ml serving.

“When creating this range, we wanted to find the perfect balance between enjoying a drink and being mindful of our wellness. O.J. Hard Seltzer is a natural and refreshing range of spiked sparkling waters created using the purest well water and juices from hand picked fresh fruit.” said Rick Delaney, founder and CEO at Liquor Zaar.

The O.J. Hard range is presented in a 330ml sleek double matt can. The range is in line with the O.J. Beer heritage and features Odo Joost, the inspiration behind the brand.

About Liquor Zaar

With over 20 years in the beverage industry, the team behind Liquor Zaar are continuously striving to bring new and innovative products to the market. Through years of extensive research and first-hand experience, Liquor Zaar are devoted to filling gaps in the market with quality products. Each brand specialises in unique essence, varying strengths and exceptional personality. Each product tells its own story through distinctive, eye catching branding and incredible flavour. At Liquor Zaar, our brand mission is to bring people together through a shared love of exceptional taste.

About O.J. Beer

O.J. Beer is a new taste experience inspired by one of the world’s strongest men, Belgian-born Odo Joost. It was created to bring those together who have a shared desire to break the mould, those who are limitless, those who wish to step outside of their comfort zone, those who fuel the after party, those who aim to make every night unforgettable. Try something new, out with the old, in with O.J.

For further information, please contact jamie@liquorzaar.com