After 10+ years helping to shape popular lifestyle beverage brands like White Claw and Pabst Blue Ribbon, co-founders Anthony Spina and Matt Sievers dreamt to redefine the drinking experience. For centuries drinking has been a key force in daily social life, but the way we as a society are drinking is significantly shifting and category lines between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are blurring like never before.

The modern beverage landscape shows that 58% of current consumers identify that they will switch between full strength and no/low ABV (alcohol by volume) drinks during the same occasion (IWSR, 04.2021) and 78% of non-alcoholic drinks buyers in the US are also purchasing alcoholic beer, wine or spirits (Nielsen IQ, 10, 2021). Mix in a pandemic society focused on reexamining its personal relationship with alcohol and you have a once-in-a-lifetime window where a new-to-world idea was born, based on street-level insights and backed by data.

What if there was a brand on the market that could cater to ALL drinking needs and occasions One that would maintain its standard of flavor despite its level of ABV? One that was built on inclusivity, choice, control, and consciousness. The duo, alongside a team of other prominent beverage industry vets, realized their vision and are proud to introduce PRIMER Electrolyte Charged Hard Seltzers, the first to feature a choice between three different ABV levels within one single package.

“In a year that brought so much change, we couldn’t help but notice this included people’s drinking habits. Seeing opportunity to both innovate within our rapidly evolving industry and redefine the greater drinking experience, our mission was clear. We see PRIMER not just for now, but also for the future. We created an experience combining elevated and evolving ingredients within a 3 ABV drinking system to give choice, control and consciousness to our current and new generations.” – Primer founders Anthony Spina and Matt Sievers

Starting in February 2022, PRIMER will be available throughout the Midwest, starting in WI, IL and MI. The inclusive seltzer will be sold in 3-ABV variety 9 packs of 12 oz sleek cans (3 sleek cans at 0%,3 at 5%, and 3 at 8%) each with only 2g of sugar and carbs per serving, between 20 and 180 calories, and all gluten free. The PRIMER drinking experience is fully customizable, giving drinkers the chance to mix and match their own choices.

With a liquid built by local Brew Master (former brew master, City Brewery) Randy Hughes, PRIMER will be available in two flavors (Black Cherry and Mango), both crisp and refreshing with taste continuity guaranteed throughout each choice of ABV. Every PRIMER beverage also comes with the added benefit of being infused and charged by electrolytes. Designed to deliver a base coat of hydration, these electrolytes will help keep every drinker primed and ready for whatever is coming next.

PRIMER will be available at local retailers beginning in early 2022. For more information about PRIMER please visit or follow the brand on social media @drinkprimerseltzers.

It’s time for a drink that caters to all, one that satisfies the tastes of an ever evolving society. That time is now.