Boulevard Brewing Expands Fling Cocktails

Fling, Boulevard Brewing’s line of premium canned cocktails, has recently given consumers two new reasons to explore ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. The Kansas City brewery launched a Vodka Lemonade variety and a Craft Cocktail Mix Pack featuring four of its bar-quality craft cocktails.

Wine Country Network Launches 2nd Annual Canned Challenge Competition

Wine Country Network, publishers of Wine Country International Magazine, and producers of numerous, highly respected professional beverage competitions have announced that they are accepting entries for the Canned Challenge through September 14, 2021.

BarBox Expands Lineup of RTD Craft Cocktails in Friendly Packaging

BarBox’s line of boxed cocktails, including its two newest offerings, are made with high quality ingredients and packaged with thoughtful, eco-friendly materials.
Husky PET packaging ideas for hard seltzer

Hard Beverage Makers See PET as Packaging with a Purpose

Packaging offers beverage makers a powerful way to tell their brand story, and an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.  A consumer’s first...

Aluminum Can Prices Under Spotlight in Congress

Senators Tammy Baldwin, Democrat from Wisconsin, and Tom Cotton, Republican from Arkansas, have teamed up to reintroduce the Aluminum Pricing Examination (APEX) Act. The bipartisan legislation was introduced as a way to provide enhanced oversight of the markets responsible for reporting aluminum premium pricing.

Corona Limonada Vending Machine Stunt is Muy Bueno

In one of this summer’s most delicious campaigns, Corona is introducing its new spiked and sparkling Limonada hard seltzer via a voice activated vending machine.

Pepsi Dumps Juice for Cash

PepsiCo has agreed to sell its Tropicana and Naked Juice brands to PAI Partners, generating $3.3 billion in cash. Private equity fund PAI Partners has controlling investments in Refresco, the world's largest independent bottler of beverages, which packages canned cocktails and beer, among other items.

Five RTDs for a Sparkling National Tequila Day

National Tequila Day is Saturday, July 24. Looking for a lighter way to celebrate? Check out these five spiked and sparkling tequila based options, conveniently canned for all of your outdoor fiestas.

Vizzy Announces New Watermelon Variety Pack

The box mimics the melon to which it pays homage in bright fuchsia and teal, while the cans themselves look almost Warholian. Each flavor sports the same melon, surrounded by brighter colors that are inspired by the blended fruit. The variety pack is bright, fun, and perfect for making the most of the second half of summer.

A Brewery from Down Under Invents Hard Seltzer Dispenser

Moon Dog’s new drink dispensing system allows venues to offer the brewery’s line of alcoholic bubbly water, Fizzer, without taking up precious tap space allocated to draft beers and ciders.

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