AlphaWater Hard Seltzer

AlphaWater Released Today

New Realm Brewing is releasing its much anticipated premium hard seltzer today. Affectionately titled AlphaWater, the spiked and sparkling beverage is a labor of...
Ashland Hard Seltzer Flavors

Josh Landan: Chief Collaborator at Ashland Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer News interviewed Josh Landan, CEO at Ashland Hard Seltzer, last August, at a time when his brand was still adding California cities to distribution. He spoke to the power of collaboration with friends and contacts in order to successfully grow a brand.

Call for New Hard Seltzer Brands & Varieties

Hard Seltzer News editors are working on a comprehensive new guide to 2021 hard seltzer brands and varieties.

Analyst Downgrades Truly Parent SAM Stock

Markets were surprised this morning by word that Cowen managing director Vivien Azer had downgraded guidance on Boston Beer Co. (NYSE: SAM).

Sierra Nevada Brewing Old Chico Hoppy Hard Seltzer

Sierra Nevada is diving into hard seltzer and bridging the gap between beer and boozy bubbly water in the process.

Jim Beam Thinks You Need a Break from Beer

Are you bored with beer? Jim Beam is betting that you are in its new campaign promoting the classic Highball cocktail. The whiskey distiller is inviting consumers to banish their beer boredom by trying a refreshing Jim Beam Highball.

Delaware Craft Breweries Prohibited from Brewing Hard Seltzer

Although it may seem unusual, craft beer brewers in Delaware are currently prohibited by law from brewing hard seltzer in their facilities. Yet thanks...

Lagunitas Uses Unique Packaging for Carry-Out Hard Seltzer

Creating exciting packaging to help salvage taproom sales in the midst of a pandemic, Lagunitas Brewing has launched a unique glass package for its takeaway draft hard seltzer, hard coffee, hard kombucha, and beer.

Full Sail Comes About to Hard Kombucha

Beer sales were already shrinking before the COVID-19 pandemic hit on-premise sales, but the situation has only worsened since stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders began...

Save 50% on Hard Seltzer News

Hard Seltzer News has a Cyber Monday offer! Sign up today for a monthly subscription and get 50% off the...

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