New Premium Lightly Sparkling Island Cocktail 

Biza is about to take the ready-to-drink beverage category by storm! Made by millennials for millennials, this brand new premium cocktail has been designed to stand out in flavor and also on the shelf with its eye-catching design. These one-of-a-kind, sparkling cocktails are made with premium vodka, which is naturally sugar and yeast free, as opposed to malt, used in most hard seltzers. Biza is launching with four bold flavors: Passion Fruit Peach, Coconut Pineapple, Pomegranate Vanilla and Mango Jalapeño.

The name Biza, originally inspired by the internationally known Spanish island of Ibiza, is not necessarily tied to a specific location, but instead a lifestyle experience. Biza is a reminder of the fun, the music, the friends and the family you share those unforgettable moments with. 

Contrary to the hard seltzers found in the market today, Biza is a handcrafted cocktail, lightly sparkling and full of flavor. Created from premium vodka, Biza is slightly more alcoholic at 6% ABV, with only a touch of carbonation, and is also gluten and malt free. Unlike the competition, Biza has carefully hand selected their ingredients and was not developed by a large corporate entity.

Biza was started by a group of friends who came together during happy hour on a mission to fill a void in the marketplace and create a brand that caters to their friends and the millennial generation. Kris Deodato (President and Founder), Steve Nolan (Co-Founder and Head of Operations), Laura Murray (Co-Founder and Head of Marketing) and Sarah Gehring (Co-Founder and Head of Sales) put their own spin on the canned cocktail craze by incorporating an interactive way to connect the brand to its audience through music, an important element of every celebration.

Biza’s curated music playlists are easily accessible on Spotify, and by simply scanning the QR code on every can.  According to Laura Murray, “We loved the idea of bringing people together through a quality cocktail and music. Aside from our unique flavor profile, the music angle was a key differentiator and a great way for our consumers to interact with our brand. We are thrilled to finally release Biza and hope it brings you the escape you’ve been dreaming of all year!”

However, Biza did not happen overnight. The founders were keen on research and development. In order to achieve the optimal product, the Biza founders tested all aspects of Biza’s product development on 100 millennials across varying age ranges. The millennials’ input was incorporated every step of the way from taste profile to design to packaging. Biza listened and worked with their audience over the course of 15 months. This included countless rounds of flavor formulation and multiple in-depth focus groups. Biza also carefully hand selected their partners, including Arty’s Premium Beverages, Ignite Beverage Branding and Sovereign Flavors, who helped play an essential role in the creation process. 

These easy-to-grab Biza cocktails will be available in New Jersey, New York and Florida markets to begin and online at It is time to kick off the holiday season safely and responsibly with Biza! Whether you are relaxing at home, out by the firepit, having a small family gathering or heading off on a road trip, enjoy and live life with Biza! It’s more than a cocktail, it’s an experience!