Hard seltzer has taken America by storm over the last few years. The spiked and sparkling segment has grown into a $3.5 billion industry – and that’s just in the US.

While the category is still emerging abroad, it is quickly gaining steam in markets like Europe and Asia Pacific.

More and more brewers are recognizing the growth opportunity that hard seltzer represents as it continues to steal market share away from beer. Adding a spiked seltzer to one’s portfolio is a good way to maximize profitability.

Beer and hard seltzer have similar production processes, technically and technologically speaking. For brewers looking to make the jump into hard seltzer, consultants offer expertise and experience.

A trio of companies – Ziemann Holvrieka, Briggs of Burton, and DME Process Systems – offer support services to aid in the “transition of an existing brewery or new hard seltzer production facility from craft through to large scale production facilities,” according to a joint statement from the companies.

The trio boasts a “a wealth of experience in the development, design and construction of brewery plants and complete turnkey production facilities, which has resulted in several major global projects in the Hard Seltzer market.” They work with customers seeking to expand their breweries or build a new facility entirely.

The German brewing team at Ziemann have proven expertise working with a range of beverage companies, from craft to large turnkey products. Ziemann’s unique testing facility allows brewers to develop a hard seltzer pilot in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Ziemann and company work with customers seeking to expand their breweries or build a new facility entirely. For beverage makers seeking the latter, the team works with brewers “from concept through to completion. Their turnkey experience will result in a high-quality production facility keeping in mind efficiency and hygiene standards.”

Founded in 1852, Ziemann Holvrieka provides “tanks and process technology for the beverage, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.” Specific to the drinks industry, the company offers a “range of products [which] includes the entire brewhouse equipment for breweries, from the malt intake to the bright beer tank cellar.”

The German business prides itself on being a “valued and reliable partner for 165 years.” For US companies looking to modernize or innovate their processes, Ziemann brings over a century and a half of expertise to the table. The combination of technique and technology are important to maximizing quality and efficiency, and this intersection is where the company excels.

Briggs of Burton actually dates back to 1732. According to its website, it is “one of the oldest process engineering companies in the world.”

The company strives to “deliver world-class sustainable solutions for clients in sectors such as brewing, distilling, pharmaceutical and food, with Health & Safety and Quality underpinning everything [they] do.”

DME Process Systems is a bit younger at 27 years, but in that time has become a trusted manufacturer of high-quality brewing equipment. According to the company’s website, “DME’s team has been leaders in the craft beer industry globally providing quality commercial brewing equipment for more than 1200 projects.”

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