New Podcast: Josh Landan Has Warning for Craft Beer Brewers

This week, Hard Seltzer News interviewed Josh Landan, founder of San Diego-based Ashland Hard Seltzer. Josh started a hard seltzer company after great success...
Lone River Ranch Water

Lone River Beverage Co’s Katie Beal Brown Shares Secrets to Success in Hard Seltzer...

Lone River Beverage Company’s Ranch Water hard seltzer has been making waves since their launch in late May. Made with lime and 100% agave,...

‘Pretty Red Lips Working on a White Claw’

If you drink a gin cocktail and don’t sing Snoop Dogg to yourself (“sippin’ on gin and juice”) does it even count? For decades...

Women Bubble Up to Lead Hard Seltzer Brands

All across the hard seltzer industry, women are being promoted to top positions - or taking the lead and starting their own companies.

Meet the Innovators Behind the Redefining Hard Seltzer Boom

2020 is shaping up to be a monumental year for the alcohol industry. This follows a 2019 that somewhat defined the hard seltzer industry.

New Book About Brewing Hard Seltzer

“How to Make Hard Seltzer” hits the shelves September 7th. Chris Colby is not new to home brewing. The author of “Home Brew Recipe Bible”...

Female Founder Shaking Up the Booze Business

Amy Walberg, the founder of PRESS hard seltzer, is a great example of women rising in a traditionally male-dominated industry and affecting change. “In 2015,...

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