Just in Time for Fall, Bud Light Launches Cranberry Seltzer

Bud Light Seltzer is introducing three new flavors just in time for fall.

Can Hard Seltzer Expand Beyond Fruit Flavors?

Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of craft brewers, we're seeing non-fruit recipes and traditionally fall flavors slowly enter the marketplace.

Pairing Food with Hard Seltzer

Wine has a long history of pairing with food, probably because it was originally safer to drink than water. Then came food and craft...

Is hard seltzer considered beer?

Hard Seltzers attract drinkers with low calories and zero-sugar promises. The name seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and many may be confused about the definition of hard seltzer.

6 Hard Seltzers Brewed with Real Fruit

We take a look at 6 hard seltzers made with real fruit.

Tips For Serving a Hard Seltzer

What’s the best way to serve your seltzer? Beer nerds love to argue about the best way to consume beer. Draft lovers say on tap...

Stepping Up Your Seltzer Garnish Game with Chamoy and Tajin

While garnishes are common with cocktails and beer, their usage with hard seltzers is just getting started. Apart from the usual slice of lime...

Seasonal Change Ushers in Hard Seltzer Debate

Hard Seltzers have been an even bigger hit this summer. What can producers do to ensure their popularity as the seasons change, especially as...

Sipping on Gin & Juice – and Sparkling Water

With everyone from actor Ryan Reynolds to Buckingham Palace slinging gin, the juniper-based spirit is definitely having a moment.

Hard Seltzer Cocktails Infuse Your Local Bar Menu

As bars across the country slowly reopen their doors, new cocktails featuring hard seltzer are appearing with regularity. More versatile for mixologists than beer,...

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